We help clients achieve coherent, balanced, pragmatic & sustainable solutions integrating the element of

People, Process, Plant & Performance

thru effective leadership and engagement.

HSE Management System Development, Training, Implementation & Monitoring

MaxTrain provides framework for Designing, Developing & Implementing HSE Management System using strategic perspective, formal management system principles, & effective compliance management activities & regular audits & reviews. This is done against the client’s own corporate guidelines, regulatory requirements & RAGAGEP.

Process Safety Management System Development, Training, Implementation & Monitoring

Assistance to organizations in developing PSM Policies, Strategic & Tactical plans, & facilitating its development, implementation & on-going monitoring thru effective KPIs. We aim to empower the client’s in-house team to independently manage their PSM issues on an ongoing & sustainable basis.

HSE Inspections, Surveys & Audits

Inspections include specific work areas or particular activities, equipment or work locations according to client needs & preferences. Specific surveys can be conducted for assessment of the impact of Noise, Chemicals Exposure, Ergonomics, etc. Audits are carried out against international standards, local regulations, RAGAGEP & corporate standards. A formal report is prepared along with a suggested action plan with measurable milestones, which can be monitored & tracked to completion.


PHA & HAZOP Studies

Working together with client technical personnel, vendor representatives & engineering & construction teams to facilitate PHA & HAZOP studies for new projects, existing plants, modification and management of change studies.

Safety & Fire Risk Assessments

Comprehensive assessment is carried out of all company facilities, processes & activities to ensure the correct identification of areas & activities where most effort in prevention & control is required. We can help prepare Corporate Risk Registers & Risk Matrices & develop mitigation plans & monitoring protocols. Fire Risk Assessments focus on major fire hazards & effective prevention, control & mitigation strategies.

Environmental Impact Assessment

We understand the importance of sustainable & consentable development. Our approach is to focus the EIA process upon the key issues & take a proportionate approach to the assessment to minimize project risk and maximize opportunities for success & commercial viability. We Prepare a robust Environmental Statement or appraisal that addresses regulatory requirements and guidance.


Crisis Management, Emergency Response & Business Continuity Plans & Protocols

Assist the client in developing specific & customized Business Continuity Plans and detailed procedures & protocols for managing different kind and levels of emergency & crisis scenarios. Design various levels of drills and exercises to test & evaluate the procedures as well as preparedness of systems & personnel.

Independent High Potential Incident Root Cause Analysis

Independent & objective root cause analysis of major incidents to identify weaknesses in management systems & organizational failures & recommend practical & effective solutions to avoid recurrence.

Behavioral Safety Program Development, implementation & monitoring

Develop robust & practical Behavior-Based Safety Programs considering the client’s existing level of HSE culture maturity, employee competence levels & corporate goals and targets. Assist the client in the orchestrated implementation of the program and regularly monitor its progress and performance to drive continuous improvements.


HSE Climate Surveys & Leadership Assessment

Developing a positive HSE culture is important if high standards of HSE are to be achieved & maintained. MaxTrain can assess the current level of maturity of your organization’s HSE Culture using a special Climate Survey Tool developed by RoSPA (UK). The analyses also form a benchmark to monitor the effectiveness or otherwise of specific HSE interventions or the impact of new programs. It also identifies strengths & opportunities for improvement which can be converted into a formal & tangible action plan.

A comprehensive assessment tool is used to identify the degree of leadership engagement & effectiveness & recommendations generated for better results.

Contractor Safety Management Systems

Assist the client in designing & developing robust systems for managing contractor safety through all stages of the contracting process in accordance with the IOGP guidelines & helping in its induction, roll out, implementation & monitoring within the organization.

HSE Inputs Trends Analyses & Interventions

Take the client HSE inputs as feedstock & then analyze these statistically & thematically to draw meaningful inferences & develop trends & patterns in order to design specific HSE interventions & focus areas for client implementation.


Training Need Analysis & Training & Competency Assurance Programs

Coordinate & collaborate with the client’s technical / operational teams and their HR teams to develop competency profiles and then analyze the training needs for various employees at all levels to develop effective and practical training and development programs in line with corporate targets and constraints

Thorough Inspection & Independent Verification of Mobile Cranes, Tower Cranes, OH Cranes & Forklift Trucks

The equipments are thoroughly inspected & independently verified against relevant international standards & guidelines & a formal report & certificate issued with recommendations if any. Inspectors are qualified to OSHA, LOLER, LEEA, & other RAGAGEP guidelines. MaxTrain also certifies competent lifting supervisors, crane operators, riggers & signalmen.